Flying is our passion!! We are here to share our love for flying and aviation with you. All our flight instructors have met the FAA's rigorous training requirements in order to give you the most comprehensive training possible. They will certainly make you feel at home. From first flight to advanced ratings to Flight Review to stay current, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Our instructor rate is $50 per hour.


Mark Cross

Chief Flight Instructor – ATP, CFI, CFII, & MEI

Owner and a Landscape Architect of MJCI, Inc., Design/Build Company in Fairfax, VA. Learned to fly in 1972 at New Garden Flying Field, Kennett Square, PA. Earned his Flight Instructor certificates in early 80's; chief pilot/director of operations and check airman for 135 operation in '84 - '87; air ambulance pilot in '86 - '87; part time corporate pilot during '87- '95; and the Chief Flight Instructor at Airport Services - APS Flight School since 2011. Restored and owns a 1940 J3 Cub. Avid fly fisherman. Enthusiastic for folks who really want to learn!


Travis House

Flight Instructor and Mechanic – CFI & Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic with inspection Authorization (IA)


Veronica Ko

Flight Instructor and Operations – CFI, MEI, & AGI

2017 AOPA Distinguished Flight Instructor

Retired Army Signal/Foreign Area Officer and a Co-founder of Linking Human Power (LiPH), a cognitive design consulting firm. Started flying in 2000 at August Regional Airport, Georgia. After a long break following her retirement, earned a flight instructor certificate at the end of 2015. An amputee pilot. A professional ski instructor and a rescue diver with genuine interest in helping students achieve their dreams of becoming pilots.


Dan Scheiber

Flight instructor - CFI, CFII, & MEI

Former US Naval Officer (1999-2005) and current US Government pilot based in Northern Virginia. He started flying at Paine Field, just north of Seattle, Washington, in 2002. Over the years, he has been fortunate to have flown with outstanding instructors and aviators. These men and women provided sound guidance and mentorship throughout his aviation career. His strong desire is to pay this forward in helping develop and mentor the next generation of pilots.


Sarah Patten

Flight Instructor - CFI

Air Traffic Controller at Potomac TRACON, started flying in 1999 at Cross Keys Airport in southern NJ; worked every possible aviation-related jobs until earning her CFI in 2006. Spent a year as a flight instructor until 2008 when she was hired by the FAA as an air traffic controller. When she is not teaching or controlling, she enjoys flying her C172 and trying to get back into flying her C120. She is also building an RV-10 and is the event coordinator for the annual Women Can Fly at KHWY. She loves all things aviation and loves sharing it with as many people as she can.

Roger at work.jpg

Roger Kilby

Flight Instructor – ATP, CFI, CFII, & AGI