Student Resources



  1. Aviation Weather Center, NOAA National Weather Service for preflight planning --

    Go through the website and get comfortable with all the tabs!

  2. DUATS -- Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) computer system that provides FREE FAA Weather, Flight Planning, and Flight Plan Filing. You must sign up.

    Get an account - You must have DUATS account to use ForeFlight.

  3. Flight Service is an FAA approved FREE contract service that provide weather, flight planning, and flight plan filing. You can call and speak to a briefer: 1-800-WXBRIEF(992-7433). Or you can create an account and view the briefing online:

    Very user-friendly website - Get an account.


Essential Flying Study Guides and Regulations

  • Airplane Flying Handbook [FAA-H-8083-3B]


Other FREE Flight Planner and good to know websites:

  • AOPA is the largest and most influential non-profit political organization that advocates for general aviation. Site resource for GA news and also flight planning sources -- (also an APP)

  • Airnav is airport specific details and other aviation info -- (also an APP).

  • Foreflight APP for iPads and other tablets (pay subscription)*


Private Pilot Studying Materials you need to get started:

  • Airplane Flying Handbook

  • Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

  • Latest FAR/AIM (Federal Aviation Regulation/Aeronautical Information Manual)

  • Plotter for Flight Planning

  • E6B Flight Computer (manual / electronic version optional)

  • Current “Washington” Sectional